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TotalMusic Vidabox Box

NEW for AMX and Crestron. Complete App-Module for controlling a Denon HEOS system via TCP/IP. Browse and play music from your own collection plus eight HEOS supported streaming services including Pandora, Rhapsody, TuneIn, SiriusXM, iHeart Radio and more!


Control System Toolkit Box

A powerful array of pre-programmed tools for use in any AMX control system.

Send notifications to clients & tech’s, create and receive data logs, simplify trouble-shooting, receive IP change notifications, and much more.


Whether you’re just a little behind, in a bind, or just plain ready to pull your hair out... the professional UI designers and programmers at RocketGUI can help get your project back on track. We specialize in tackling unique control system challenges as well as meeting tight deadlines.

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Programming & Services

Custom Kiosks and Point-of-Sale Interfaces

Ecowell Case Study

When Ecowell set out to revolutionize the vending machine business, they needed a software partner who could step up to the challenge and deliver. This required the experience to see and understand the project’s technical requirements, the ability to design an attractive interface that anybody could walk up to and use immediately without training, and the technical expertise to design a networked control system that could manage communication between multiple hardware systems and databases. All while maintaining the flexibility required for wide-scale deployment. The team at RocketGUI met that challenge, and then some.

Ecowell Images

The high-tech Ecowell kiosks create a fun, one-of-a-kind user experience and provide a refreshing, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional vending machine offering. Customers can login to the kiosk manually, or by waving their key-ring RFID tag which immediately recalls their drink history and account balance, and allows them to quickly dispense a favorite custom drink into their own reusable container. Customers can also quickly design delicious new drinks and select hot, cold, or carbonated water, add any mixture of up to 12 flavors, and choose from a variety of supplements. A nozzle mounted camera allows them to see the container fill as their own custom drink is dispensed. Ecowell kiosks communicate over the internet so the company can track usage, flavor levels, and maintenance schedules.

Module Store
TotalMusic Heos Crestron
Complete Crestron App-Module for controlling a Denon HEOS system via TCP/IP
Browse and play music from your own collection plus eight HEOS supported streaming services*
Includes pre-built Smart-Graphics VTP interface file for touch panels and tablets. Easily integrates with your existing touch panel files.
TotalMusic Heos Crestron Box
Heos streaming services
Plus HEOS supports MP3 and WMA music files,
including purchased WMA downloads,
AAC, WAV and FLAC (lossless)
Total Music HEOS for Crestron Features
Browse and play music from your local music collection on a network drive, NAS and/or USB thumb drive.
Play streaming music from all HEOS supported music services including Pandora, Amazon Music, SiriusXM, Rhapsody, iHeart Radio and more!*
Smart Graphics VTP file resizes easily to fit many touch panel sizes and resolutions.
Module supports Crestron 3-Series processors.
Supports any number of control interfaces in a project / installation.
Supports any number of HEOS players / rooms / zones*
Easily integrates with your project code and TP files.
Includes 30 days of free module integration support.
* Some streaming services may require a subscription fee and some services may limit the number of concurrent streams. Check with the device manufacturer for restrictions and limitations. Supported services are subject to change by manufacturer at any time.
Single License
One license required per installation
on a single Crestron control processor.
Credit cards accepted
About Us
We’re a small team of professional software developers and interface designers with hundreds of projects under our belt and a proven track record of being responsive to our clients needs and exceeding expectations. Our small size allows us to be focused and agile, and ready to take on any challenge. RocketGUI is located in Spokane, Washington but we service clients across the country and beyond.


Contact types
1024 W Railroad Alley
Spokane, WA 99201

Experienced Website and App Developer
Position Type: Full Time / Salary
Location: Spokane, WA
Description: Seeking an experienced website and mobile app developer to join the RocketGUI team and build latest technology websites, web apps, and mobile applications (iOS and Android). Bachelors degree or better in software application development or related discipline. Demonstrated proficiency with HTML-5, Objective-C, Javascript, PHP and related frameworks. Creative/design skills a big plus.
Job Skills & Requirements:
Bachelors degree or better in Software Development or related discipline, or equivalent directly related experience.
Demonstrated proficiency with HTML-5, Objective-C, Javascript, PHP, iOS and Android development.

Please submit your resume with a cover letter describing your experience and qualifications in confidence to

Crestron / AMX Programmer
Position Type: Full Time / Salary
Location: Spokane, WA
Description: RocketGUI is seeking a full-time developer with demonstrated experience writing software for Crestron and AMX control systems to automate and control high-end homes, corporate boardrooms, smart classrooms, military command/control and more. Crestron and AMX developer certifications a plus. Skills and experience building custom user interfaces and utilizing related design tools also a plus. Knowledge of the AV industry and related components and communications protocols is required. Salary commensurate with experience level.
Job Skills & Requirements:
Demonstrated proficiency writing software for Crestron and AMX control systems.
Demonstrated proficiency utilizing Crestron and AMX programming environments and related development tools.

Please submit your resume with a cover letter describing your experience and qualifications in confidence to

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